Pho Pasteur

Pho Pasteur            open 24hrs          416-351-7188

Whether its lunch, dinner or just late night you can always find someone enjoying a hot bowl of hardy soup in this nexus of flavour.  Some of the most dependable pho in the city is created in the kitchen of this unassuming Vietnamese resto.  After a late night out or just looking for a refreshing fruit shake, one can always count on the doors being open.  Avocado shake blends milk with ice and tastes so luscious you have to try it to believe it.  The #1 special Pho is a favorite and has a little bit of everything in it – tripe, tendon, beef balls, garlic, onion, fresh herbs, and rare and well done beef.  Sometimes you need a little chicken soup to warm your heart and the exciting savory herb Pasteur version hits the spot just right.  In the heart of Chinatown in downtown Toronto, hidden just off Spadina is Pho Pasteur, your gateway to satiated bliss.

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