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Thai Shan Inn   416-784-1491   closed Tuesdays

After moving to their new spot on Dufferin Street the stress has finally lifted in the kitchen.  Having opened its doors in ’83 this restaurant has flown under the radar for the most part, only being spread by word of mouth.  Often time’s dishes are served and cooked by the same woman who runs the show.

The mango salad is outstanding.  Sour green mangos, red onions, fragrant coriander, spicy chili flakes, sweet red and green peppers topped with minced chicken and cashews come together to make an extraordinary dish.  Another favorite is the Meecrob noodle entrée.  A mountain of crispy noodles piled high with eggs, red peppers, coriander then smashed down by your wonderful server and finally topped with a homemade tamarind sauce that is simply delightful.

Whether its lunch or dinner, you are always made to feel like you’re a part of the family. Portions are generous and can easily be shared.  Prices are tame.
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