Bloke and 4th

Bloke and 4th         416-477-1490   Thurs to Sat  6pm-10pm

King Street west is home to some of the hottest supper clubs in the city, the newest makes its predecessors proud.  Dark hues of purple, velvet banquets, sleek table settings impress even the most skeptical.  Most people write-off any notions of a good meal at a club that doubles as a restaurant – this one will surprise you.

House-made “bet you can’t eat just one” blue potato chips are fabulously addictive and served with a fragrant chickpea and cumin dip. Crunchy battered popcorn shrimp holds a touch of heat, nicely balanced by an intense citrus yuzu dressing.  The smoked chicken drumettes are frenched, coated with a house made hot sauce and dusted with ice cold liquid nitrogen blue cheese – a cloud of smoke appears.  Outstanding veal meatballs sit perfectly seasoned on grilled pizza dough, buffalo mozzarella, basil puree and pecorino.  The buttermilk fried chicken, on the other hand, is a smorgasbord of flavours.  The huge portion of chicken, though juicy and tender, is lost in the heavy flavours of cinnamon, blueberry and truffle.

The cocktails are outstanding.  The mixologist works magic creating refreshing palette tantalizing drinks. A bacon-cucumber infused Caesar is a meal in itself.   Blokes’ version of a mojito combines rum with luscious pomegranate and a frozen watermelon-mint infused ice cube.

Sharp servers seamlessly transition dinner into dance.
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