The Westerly

 the westerly        416-551-6660   open daily for dinner, brunch Sat & Sun only

Walking through the doors I’m reminded of the meat packing district in New York City.  Welcomed inside like I was part of the family, a boisterous crowd surrounds me; I feel completely at ease and excited about the food.  Looking at the menu I see European influences from the surrounding Roncesvalles neighborhood, along with a mix of Italian and French cuisines.  The menu has so many tempting dishes it’s hard to choose.

I decide to start out with smoked trout and veal meatballs.  Lightly smoked trout is placed on crunchy potato latke then drizzled with sweet crème fraîche, creating a really enjoyable dish.  Veal meatballs have potential, but, are under-salted and overwhelmed by pepper in the green peppercorn sauce.

Moving on to mains, I order the hearty roasted chicken supreme and the westerly burger.  The moist half chicken is stuffed with tender pulled pork, served with smoky bacon and cheddar Israeli couscous, and a flawless slightly sweet, lightly heated, house-made barbeque sauce that’s simply exquisite.  Tasty fresh cut fries can’t make up for the drastically under seasoned westerly burger – and the brittle sesame bun could use a little love.

A sensible wine list holds gems at reasonable prices.  Even though my dishes had a few blemishes, The Westerly had won me over.  With excellent service and a menu that is made to explore, I can’t wait to come back and enjoy another great evening in this comforting eatery.
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