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Yours Truly    (416) 533-2243     closed Tuesdays

I guess one could say this restaurant is a true reflection of Canadian cuisine because of its multicultural menu.    Chef Jeff Claudio’s  “bistronomic” cooking technique showcases French, Asian, and Canadian cuisines, while adding a dash of molecular gastronomy to the mix.  It’s a restaurant for people who can appreciate food like a fine art, no different than the theatre or a ballet.  The menu changes daily, portion sizes are small and sharable.  But, with flavours so delectable, you’ll find there just might not be enough to spare.

A treasure of warm Thuet bread hides within a small paper bag.  Beside sits a pint-sized Mason jar filled with crisp fried shallots in heavenly, whipped duck fat – wow.   Next, dip watercress into cool sour cream dusted with ground rye crumbs, and warm turnip soup drizzled with spinach oil – a treat from the kitchen.  Trout tartar is a crunchy amuse, with purple shiso leaf and nutty poppy seeds, which together, create a fantastically unusual texture.

Savory salt cod swims in sublime smoky potato puree, Sous-vide duck egg, migas and dandelion, so delicious and delectable I wish there was so much more!  Beautiful tender Trout shows off its crisp skin, adorned with sliced paper thin carrots, black turnip, gair lan, sesame and oyster sauce – fantastic.  The duck, slightly overdone, peaks interest when combined with popcorn, sweet onion, sumac and oats.  Dessert is weightless, think of clouds in the sky, yogurt, muesli, parsnip but sadly missing the foam?!

The restaurant itself looks whimsical.  A diminutive wine menu is a small sacrifice for an avant-garde cocktail list.   Favorites include the tart ‘vanilla pisco sour’ and the sexy ‘aviation’, inspired by gin, maraschino, fresh lemon juice and violette liqueur.

Overall a night out at Yours Truly won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but it will leave you wanting more.  And when the kitchen staff also doubles as servers, you know you’re in for a treat.
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