Alimento Fine Food Emporium

Alimento fine food emporium     416-362-0123      closed Sundays

The air is warm with the aroma of baked bread.  Natural light floods in through giant windows.  Wooden floors and exposed brick walls create a rustic, yet trendy, lunchtime getaway.  Taking a stroll around the store first, I noticed hanging meats, cheeses from old world and new, and an ample selection of pantry items from Europe.  After working up an appetite is was time to order some food.

To start, the Brussels Sprout Salad: blanched sprouts, sweet julienned apple, piave, and a caramelized honey vinaigrette, all pulled together by crispy pancetta – now it all makes sense.   To finish, the Parmigiana di Melanzane: meaty,  breaded eggplant layered with fior di latte, creamy ricotta and nutty basil pesto, then more crunchy eggplant, a layer of fresh tomato sauce and finally shaved parmesan.  Five levels of beautiful texture and taste – bravo!  If only they could get their phone system to work.
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