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Aravind Kozhittkott’s restaurant, Aravind, focuses on cuisine from his native Indian state of Kerala.  The highlights of the menu include anything that contains seafood.  The food served is fragrant, exciting and some of the best in the city.  Friendly servers are knowledgeable.

Water is infused with cumin and served warm, cozy, and comforting.  House made lentil and cassava chips are lightly salted and delectable.  Cold water shrimp on a sliced cucumber topped with lemon and beet amuses my bouche.  Next, a selection of made in house breads with eggplant, lentil and spinach spreads.   They make their own rice flour in house and let the dough ferment a little for the sourdough flavour.  Favorites include the flaky Paratha and the Uthapum bread that is almost too good for words.  Aromatic Prawn Biryani is the feature for the night’s menu – your senses are rewarded.  Loaded with shrimp, exotic cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, onions, coriander, and garlic; the sight, smell, and taste, is sublime.  Fork-tender seared Arctic Char is overwhelmed by a green apple sauce, served on a bed of basmati rice, sautéed green beans, mustard seed, and eggplant.   Order a side of roasted cassava, it tastes like peppered popcorn – so good! 

Drinks are exceptional.  Cochin Caesar is made with tamarind, coriander, ground cloves, cardamom and lime juice – tastes like no other Caesar in the city, all the flavour with none of salt – terrific.  The Ginger Tequila is infused with lemon, and honey, topped with soda water, and is very fresh tasting.  And the Salty Lassi is one of those “love it or hate it drinks”, and with every sip I take I love it more and more.

 I can’t wait to come back, this restaurant is incredible.  The food is fresh and not overly spicy.  Great flavours and the service is excellent.  I’m really, really impressed and so you will be.
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