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Come and Get It    647.344.3416      Mon to Sat 11am-8pm

When the signage is graffitied above the wall of their restaurant, you know you’re in for a treat .  Inside it’s fun meets trendy, decked out with a Nintendo 64, bright colours, and even a pair of retro basketball shoes.  The menu is simple and straightforward cleverly written on a chalkboard beside a shellacked particle board countertop.  Currently the running menu centre’s around four dishes (chipotle beef, Hawaiian pork belly, granny Smith’s chicken Caesar, and herbed crunchy green beans)  cleverly integrated into 4 types of sandwiches, salads or poutines.  The kitchen is lighting fast, and they have to be when hungry Queen streeters come in for lunch.

 Wishing I could try it all, I decided to share a few items with a friend.   First, a perfectly seasoned Chipotle beef short rib sandwich with a smoky chipotle aioli, ancho chili BBQ sauce, dangerously addictive crispy fried onions, sweet and sour coleslaw all on a beautiful, fluffy milk bun – wooohyaaa.   Next I ordered a fresh, not to mention huge, herbed crunchy green bean salad with fluffed quinoa, tomatoes, cucumber, and nutty sunflower seeds on peppery arugula and other greens – coated with a delightful tomato vinaigrette.  And, of course, I had to try a house-cut French fried poutine with slow roasted Hawaiian pork belly –  sliced thinly –  glazed with hoisin sauce, mozzarella, cheddar cheese curds, rich gravy and unbelievably good:  salty crispy cracklings; I’m wondering why I haven’t been here sooner. 

The best part about eating here, after I’m finished my meal I can throw my containers, serviettes, cutlery, and straws into my composter, there is absolutely no waste.  It feels good to be green.
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