Goods and Provisions

Goods and Provisions         647.340.1738       open for dinner Tues-Sat

This dimly lit east end restaurant is all exposed brick and dark paneled wood; throw in some curiosities and you feel like it’s the east village in New York.  One can’t go wrong with this gastropubs menu, especially when it includes a few Asian inspired dishes.  A chalkboard neatly displays the daily specials.  Tonight, it’s freshly shucked cucumber-melon tasting Beach Angels from B.C.  Friendly servers navigate through the narrow room quickly.  I’ve already fallen in love with this place and I haven’t even tried the food.

To start, I order the terrine board.  Today it’s comprised of a lovely caviar deviled egg (my new vice), a rustic crumbly rabbit/pork terrine,  Roquette cheese, and pickled candy cane radishes.  I also indulged myself by ordering the deep fried Korean quail, coated in delicately sweet-chili   Gojuchang sauce, and served with an astringent coleslaw (like extravagant chicken wings and veggies).

Next, plump bone marrow sells itself with a vinegary parsley salad and grilled crisp toast. Also – charcoaled to a smoky perfection – flank steak with truffle butter and a delicately fried oyster, served with perfectly seasoned rosemary duck fat frites.  And finally, a side of mash root vegetables joins the entrees, creamy and rich in flavour without the heaviness. 

Overall I was so impressed with my evening at Goods and Provisions, I can’t wait to come back.  The menu is refreshing and I can tell they actually care about the “provisions” they’re serving. The atmosphere is causal and so is the food, without sacrificing flavour.  This is one of those “you only tell your closest friends about” places; because it’s that good you might not want to share.
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