Harbord House

Harbord House          647.430.7365      harbordhouse.ca       open daily lunch & dinner

Being in the mood for some casual fare, I decided to stroll down the street to a lively “urban-style” tavern.  This Canadian pub is always jammed with young students and area residents.  Lighting fast servers are on the ball all night. 

French onion soup tastes smoky, thick and could be a touch hotter.  Calamari is lightly battered and served with a light tasting, zesty lemon saffron dip.  I love the blackened salmon soft tacos – so moist and filled with house made salsa, chipotle may, and (instead of the salad) a nicely seasoned Yukon-gold-sweet-potato poutine, topped with Canadian cheddar cheese curds and caramelized onions.   And finally,   the very juicy, Hoser burger, topped with an ample slice of peameal bacon, cheddar, and a side of Yukon gold fries.

A high energy atmosphere makes Harbord House a great place to unwind with a pint, and catch up with old friends.
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