Lenny’s Panini & Pizza

Lenny’s Panini & Pizza     416.239.2222       open daily for dinner only

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Lenny’s, so naturally I had to try it.  I was feeling a bit lazy so decided to order in.  I’m a little ways from the restaurant, and was informed it would take a good hour to get my pizza, sausage and garlic bread (and it wasn’t because I lived an hour away).   True to time, an hour later my order arrived.   I am, however, a little disappointed.  The pizza is lukewarm and a little rubbery, the cheesy garlic bread is glued together, and the only redeeming factor is the spicy Italian sausage – it’s pretty darn tasty.  With the order a menu was included, made up of mainly pastas was probably their strong suit.  I would order pasta from them again,  before ruling the restaurant out completely.  Maybe I choose the wrong items. They claim to have the best lasagna in town, that’s worth another chance – isn’t it?
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  1. Arwen says

    Getting pizza or pasta delivered from a small mom and pop shop that is an hour away from you is probably going to consistently result in lukewarm food.

    Perhaps try to have it the next time you visit Etobicoke?

  2. Olga says

    I would recommend that you don’t waste your time with this place again. The food is mediocre and bland and have been known to have a roach problem. This place also has the rudest staff imaginable. Just terrible

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