Stock Restaurant

Stock Restaurant    416.637.5550  Open daily

Breakfast 7am-11am, Lunch 12pm-230pm, Dinner 5pm-11pm

With a gorgeous view of the city, this latest edition to the downtown core brings glitz and glamour to a new standard.  Once on the 31st floor the restaurants décor is best described as a mix between Canoe and Harbour Sixty.  Light fare is served in between restaurant hours.

While snacking on addicting, house-made truffle popcorn, I decide on a few items from the “light menu”.   The fresh poached lobster salad ($24)can be compared to a summer garden in full bloom.  Butter lettuce, watercress, asparagus, blue potatoes, sliced red meat turnip, with the addition of flower petals, adds marvelous fragrance to each bite. Blue crab and avocado guacamole served with spiced lavash chips ($20) fall flat – the dish is a little bland.  Steak Tartare should have been exciting with hand chopped Canadian beef, capers, shallots, mustard and a quail egg ($20) but looks were deceiving.  Heavy seasons overshadowed the delicate raw flavour of the protein.

An appealing wine list and a plethora of cocktails can keep one busy until the nights end. The personable staff treats customers like royalty.  And the menu, if executed correctly, could prove to be dynamite.  There is nothing wrong with second chances.
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