The Auld Spot Pub

The Auld Spot Pub      416.406.4688      open daily for dinner Mon to Fri, Lunch Sat & Sun

I’ve been meaning to drop in this adorable little pub for quite some time.  And when they have a sign promoting “fresh shucked oysters”, who wouldn’t fall victim?  Inside, this charming pub has a warm atmosphere –  festooned with curios, and soft festive lighting.

I popped into the pub for a quick snack, enticed by the cute exterior.  Lambertini oysters from B.C are darling – I’m pleasantly surprised – fresh oysters from a pub that are juicy, full of cucumber, grass, and buttery goodness.  West Coast oysters rock!  I also ordered a side of nicely seasoned housemade coleslaw (savoy cabbage, pickled onions), different but I like it.  Service is on the ball.
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