After Rain

After Rain     905.273.5758     Open daily lunch & dinner

At this cozy sushi restaurant nestled in the heart of Mississauga the staff are welcoming and the room is kitsch, decorated with paper lanterns, artificial greenery and dark stained wood banquets complete with red velvety cushions – quickly I am whisked away to my table.

Not having had sushi in quite some time I went a little overboard ordering lunch.  The lightly battered Tempura appetizer (3 fried shrimp, broccoli, onion, squash, and yam) is served alongside a sweet – sesame coated winter squash, a standard green salad, an astringent pickled radish dish and a delightful warm noodle soup loaded with crunchy tempura bits. Oshizushi is a unique sushi formed by using a wooden mold to press fresh fish and rice together; regrettably, my salmon version lacked luster and love.  One lightly spiced scallop hand roll followed along with two pieces of creamy tobiko sushi.  Things seemed to be moving smoothly until the Red Dragon Roll arrived, and it was one of those giant – this is my first time rolling sushi I can’t even fit the whole thing in my mouth – rolls, disappointing. 

The menu can be hit or miss.  I did enjoy the fact that when I ordered my dishes the kitchen staff paced everything out perfectly so I didn’t get everything at once.  But this is just your everyday sushi play.
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