Dr. Generosity

Dr. Generosity       647.604.0704    http://www.drgenerosity.com/     open daily lunch & dinner

I have been to this restaurant on many occasions in the past, and wanted to see if it was still a local favorite.  Inside a large wood bar and cheery staff warmly welcome patrons inside the humble eatery.  I decided to take up one of the hightops in the window overlooking the busy Bloor West Village.  The menu is made up of Canadian and American pub-like dishes which include a weekend brunch menu.

To start I decided on the Bruschetta, served on a tasty warm flatbread covered with a creamy layer of goat cheese sitting alongside a garlicky tomato spread.   Known for their best ever tuna sandwich – which I had to try – did not disappoint.  White Albacore tuna is blended with apples, celery, mayo, chopped walnuts, alfalfa sprouts and a touch honey earning its best in town name – creamy with a touch of buttery nuttiness.  I had a craving for a cheddar cheese burger – ordered  medium-well with no exceptions – I found it dull and lacking flavour.  The only redeeming factor is the  fresh-cut-skin-on fries, so very addicting.

I don’t think Dr. G’s has lost anything in its years on the strip, I think it is exactly what you make of it: a simple place to hang out with friends. Period.
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