Lakeview                 416.850.8886                  open 24/7

With a change of hands and a restoration under its belt, The Lakeview is still pretty much its 1932 self.  Inside a retro counter and old fashion booths make up a majority of the space, and sometimes it can make one forget where one is.  Servers glide around effortlessly bringing food at lightning fast speeds.    The crowd is always a mix, but the place always has a great vibe to it.  For a restaurant that is open around the clock the food is consistently pretty good.

Their menu covers all the classic diner staples along with a few interesting dishes like the deep fried Mac n’ cheese balls, and the cornflake chicken.  Today I decided on a tasty cheeseburger (make sure you tell them to cook it med-well) with fresh tomatoes-lettuce-onions-pickles, crispy golden fried onion rings and a delicious malted vanilla milkshake. 

Whether it’s after hours, early morning or if one is just in the neighborhood – I suggest dropping by for a bite – one may be pleasantly surprised. 
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