Paramount            905.282.1600                           open daily Lunch & Dinner

With a parking lot full of cars and a lineup out the door, one knows something great is being created inside.  Most who love Middle Eastern cuisine recommend Paramount for some of the most authentic Lebanese food in the city.  The restaurant is run like a tight ship: line up for a table, place an order, and then wait for glory in food form.  Even on the busiest of nights one does not wait more than ten minutes for a table.   What more could one ask for?

Pitas are baked in-house, resemble warm fluffy pillows.  Hummus tastes like creamed silk on the palette.  Moutabbal made from grilled eggplant, tahini sauce and virgin olive oil is velvety and smoky like a summertime campfire.   Tabbouleh is lovely with garlicky parsley and dressed with the perfect amount of acidity.  The kafta is delicious, rich with spies and flavour, paired with brightly coloured pickled turnips – delightful.  The chicken shawarma is tender, fragrant and equally delightful.

This resto is a sensory overload and really needs a few visits to truly appreciate all that it has to offer.  The frenzied staff is lighting quick.  Unlicensed.
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