Axis Gallery and Grill

Axis Gallery and Grill                   416.604.3333                 open daily for lunch & dinner

Looking for a patio to enjoy the afternoon sun I decided to stay local, and stumbled upon this little gem.  The Junction has come a long way from smoke stained coffee shops and lost dreams to an up-and-coming trend setting locale.  Soaking under a filtered sun through the leaves on a warm tree lined patio, I order a Caesar (they also have a great selection on beers on tap) and ask for a menu.   

The food is simple pub grub, nothing extraordinary but a great accessory to cold drink.  The Axis fries include both crispy sweet and yellow frenched potatoes, served with a spicy Jalapeño dip (ask for the tangy lemon pepper dip normally served with the calamari, it’s even better).  Tri-coloured nachos are essential to a summertime patio; these bite-sized morsels hit the spot satisfying the snacking craving. 

This is the spot if one is looking for a casual patio in Dundas West area to wind down from a hard day’s work.  Servers are blissfully pleasant.
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