Bestellen           647.341.6769       open 7 days a week for dinner

I couldn’t wait to get inside this restaurant and order a plate of house cured meat.  Inside a gorgeous glass locker holds hanging cuts of meat aged to sweet perfection.  To the left a large lively bar and further down a mural painted on the wall illustrates cuts of meat.  And in the back an open kitchen is busy creating the evenings orders.

To start, a small order of the Terrine Board ($13) hits the spot with lovely house-cured fennel sausage and a silky Sopressata but misses with a bland country style terrine.   Additionally the bread that accompanied this dish was charred black on one side.  I also ordered a Panko crusted scotch egg served soft-boiled over a rich Mornay sauce, very filling and tasty.

The house cocktails are divine.  Pimm’s cup is luscious made with lemon, Gomme syrup, cucumber, mint and topped off with refreshing cava.  Another winner is the Brandy Old Fashion – Dujardin VSOP, Amarena cherry, orange, and bitters – caresses the tongue with velvety fruit. 

After the kitchen closes the bar remains open serving patrons until the wee hours of the night.
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