Church            416.537.1090      open Tues – Sat for dinner

The interior of this resto retains nothing from its previous occupants, a Queen West church, except for the exterior shell.  Inside high ceilings, an elegant bar and a fully renovated basement add a certain charm to its marvelous transformation.  Open for dinner but rarely is busy until late in the evening when it morphs into a lively bar.  The menu is tapas and great for nibbling. 

I stopped in initially for a few drinks, but when I took a look at the menu I had to order something.  The cheese plate:  a creamy blue gorgonzola, grainy Piave and peppercorn pecorino – extremely addictive plated with figs and fresh red grapes to refresh the palette.  Served alongside grainy truffled honey, a berry preserve and walnuts coated in honey.  The dish is simple but satisfying, and I would definitely order it again.

The cocktail list is a riot, I have half as much fun ordering as I do drinking.  Salvation is crisp and refreshing.  Trinity muddles fresh limes with mint, Tanqueray, Campari, and sweet Vermouth.  The Holy Caesar is big with dill flavour and muddled peperoncini and basil.  Lastly I am saved by a Divine Intervention – Aperol, Prosecco and soda garnished with a fruity orange curl. Amen!

Church is new, busy and exciting.  And just after one visit I feel as though I am part of the congregation, I must attend at least once a week.
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