Mother’s Dumplings

Mother’s Dumplings          416.217.2008       Lunch & Dinner daily

This Chinatown eatery is a must if one if venturing down Spadina.  The food is tasty and service is speedy.  The atmosphere is cheerful and can be very casual (eating warm dumplings lazily on a sofa).  Zhen, the owner and chef, inherited her mother’s gift for cooking, and recreates childhood dishes from her birthplace of Shenyang, China.   Her food has soul. 

Plump pork and chive dumplings are a favorite  –  steamed or boiled  –  one can’t go wrong,  fried crispy pork and Bok Choy dumplings are equally delicious.  The crunchy, golden green onion pancake is another delight and washing it down with a fresh-tasting strawberry smoothie completes a perfect afternoon.
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