New Ho King

New Ho King                       416.595.1881                       opens daily 11am-4am

After a long night out on the town, this place fills that hunger craving.  At times the restaurant is extremely crowded and noisy, having to share tables with complete strangers just to grab a bite.  At other times this eatery is completely empty.  One thing always remains constant:  the food is always served quickly.

Whenever I drop in, I have to order the fried snail appetizer.   A plate full of tender shelled delights dressed in a garlicky black bean sauce with just the right amount of heat.  The fried calamari is lightly battered, and a little spicy.  Naturally, I can’t leave without an order of the Cantonese Chow Mein –  a tangled mess of egg noodles mixed with crisp Chinese vegetables – it’s always a favourite. 
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