Gusto 101

Gusto 101                     416.504.9669                     open daily lunch & dinner

Busy doesn’t do it justice.  This eatery has two, fabulous patios in full sun all day long.  Once a car garage, now just a shell of the original, it has a sexy – ultra cool feel to it.

Having their own wine on tap is a definite bonus, and at a dollar and ounce one can’t go wrong.  The Gusto bianco is crisp and fruity while the Gusto russo is young but smooth.  To start Cavolo Nero   – lacinate kale, zante currents, toasted pine nuts, shaved pecorino, and lemon vinaigrette –  is sharp at first then slowly finishes sweet, it’s a little magical.

To finish, I had to order the crispy thin-crust Funghi pizza with ooey gooey chewy cheese and firm little bronzed mushrooms  –  so flavourful  –  I ate the whole thing!

 The patio, the vibe, the energy and the food all makes gusto a great spot for summer.
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