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Small, whimsical and decorated with wallpaper and wood, this eatery serves simple, but fragreant Singaporean cuisine.   Perched on a tree stump overlooking the trendy Ossington strip, I watch the world go by – this is a perfect spot to lunch if one is alone.  Service is swift and friendly.  The only flaw is the menu, everything looks so good it’s hard to decide.

The first step is to order a drink.  The refreshing Evans Revenge muddles red chilies with macerated orange, bourbon, ginger chili, ginger beer and soda.

After a bit of torture, I decide to start with an order of the Son in Law Eggs.   Soft boiled then fried, sitting on chili jam, flavoured with prik nam pla, coriander, fried shallots and basil.  Eat them in one bite, perfectly textured –  a must for those who love eggs.

 Next, paper-thin sliced cucumber is topped with a “crouton-like “crisp fried sticky rice,  then spashed with sweet Mirin to create an incredibly aromatic salad.

Finally,  Rendang curry with braised ox cheek and coconut rice is intoxicating, and delightfully textured.   The crisp water chestnuts and sharp ginger balance the buttery, fall-apart meat as the cucumber refreshes the palate.

I can’t wait to come back and have dinner!
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