Ki Modern Japanese      416.308.5888     open for lunch and dinner daily

For the downtown crowd, Ki is already a destination.  Wildly fun, loud and packed with Bay street suits and trendsetting fashionistas, this hotspot never has a dull moment.  Having had dinner here on numerous occasions, and loving it, I was excited to see the annual patio party already in full-swing.   Chef Hing is rolling fresh handrolls in one corner while power servers pass out springtime drinks like the creamy strawberry-rhubarb vodka cocktail.  Other than throwing fabulous parties, Ki also has solid menu.  Rock shrimp with spicy wasabi-garlic cream is crunchy and addictive.  Hamachi handrolls arrive perfectly seasoned.   And Unagi Nigiri is smoky and delicate. 

Since its opening in 2005, Ki is known for being creative, exciting and luxurious.  It is more than just a restaurant, it is an experience.  
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