La Carnita

La Carnita Taqueria         416.964.1555      closed mondays

The restaurants in Toronto just keep getting more and more interesting.  La Carnita is best describes as old school glamour meets west end boys biker bar; spray painted art on the walls, low ceilings, funky light fixtures, cool music – one can’t help but love the space.  Food is plated on wooden planks and served at lightning fast speeds and it doesn’t break the bank.

We started off with tortilla chips dusted with ancho chili powder and garlicky guacamole, sikil paik (made from ground pumpkin seeds) and a creamy Mezcal chipotle pate that was delicious – I just wish there was more! Mexican street corn takes the everyday and makes it dazzle with Mexican crema, queso anejo, and arbol and ancho chili powder.    

The tacos were a little hit and miss.  The skirt steak carne asada could have been a touch hotter but tasty overall.   And the “In Cod We Trust” taco had all the elements for a great dish but the green apple threw me off.  The hit has to be the Tostada de Lengua: tender pieces of beef tongue, rich cashew sauce with diced sweet pineapple, crunchy radish and sprouts   – definitely a must!

Drinks are spot on – love the Carnita margaritas with 2oz of Tromba tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and agave nectar.

No wonder everyone is talking about La Carnita, it’s like no other space you’ve seen in the city.
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