Manpuku      416.979.6763   closed Sunday

This modern Japanese style eatery is charming, located inside the Village at the Grange food court and shops.  Having grown up Toronto I was surprised that I haven’t come across this local before.  The service is lighting fast especially when sitting at the bar around the kitchen. 

Being that it was lunchtime I decided on three dishes.   To start, plump octopus is mixed with wasabi is used to create Takowasa which clears the sinuses.  Next, Niku Udon is smoky Bonito broth so light and rich it dazzles with thick textured noodles and pork, one can substitute Shirataki noodles instead of Udon for a healthier, low carbohydrate, low calorie noodle.  Finally, Takosen is made by combining flour with octopus, grilling it on a hotplate and topping it with Takoyaka sauce and mayo (one of only a few items that take more than two minutes to make),  I’m told by my server to eat them by flattening the crunchy Senbei (Japanese rice crackers) together into a sandwich.  The taste is very interesting – light with a floral-like fragrance.

 Overall I had an excellent, quick lunch that left me with thoughts of Japan. I would definitely come back to Manpuku in a heartbeat.
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