Spirithouse        647.277.1187         spirithousetoronto.com       open tues to sat  5pm-2am

The latest edition to King West, Spirithouse,  has a very impressive bar setup, representing almost every liquor brand, even the garnishes are lined up like soldiers ready for battle.  The room, in contrast, is cold.   Grey walls and black leather banquets steal warmth from the space.  The bar service is a little slow, but handcrafting each drink takes time, and good things come to those who wait. 

To start the Gincident combines Tanqueray Gin, angostura and orange bitters with Indian tonic water finishing light and crisp. Briny East coast Malpac oysters alongside an icy Clamato grenata and a sharp cucumber mignonette is a savory delight.

Being on a gin kick I decide to continue with a Caesar.  Rimmed with salt and pepper, muddled with cucumber then shaken and poured over perfectly cubed ice is flawless.  Five minutes later duck nachos arrive.   Succulent confit duck is sliced thinly and served over crunchy corn chips, fresh salsa and shredded cheddar, served with a silky crème fraîche dip: its truly sublime.  

Mixology is now an art and Spirithouse is the gallery.  The menu is very reasonable.
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