The Works

The Works          647.748.4455                      open daily lunch & dinner

Waiting in line to get on a ride at a theme park is very much like the kitschy décor one will find inside of The Works, a  gourmet burger bistro.  Even the music has a strange old-school video-game sound to it.  Young, spirited servers dash around clinking dishes while delivering the evenings provisions.

 With a plethora of burgers, sides and milkshakes on their menu, I finally decide on a Creamcicle shake.  Sweet cream and orange is delightful, just like the icy cold treats when I was a kid.  Next the crispy dills appetizer is crunchy and extremely hot on the inside – ouch!

Moving on to the 420 burger combinations, my boyfriend tries the Riches Butte Special (he likes things plain and hates anything green).  The patty arrived on a cold, soggy bun (I’m pretty sure it was previously frozen)  and is only redeemed buy the juicy seasoned beef.   I am having the B.A.B burger with an elk patty,  adding a fried egg and pickles and a deal or no deal Poutine on the side.  The patty itself is cooked perfectly – the only redeeming factor actually are the patties and probably the only reason this chain has made it this far.  The fries are subpar and the gravy tastes like salty powder.

The verdict: nothing special.  Not worth the money spent.
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