Allens Restaurant

Allen’s on the Danforth    416.463.3086  open daily lunch and dinner

The patio is stunning.  Picture a huge tree-clad courtyard, sunlight streaming through the leaves with a mass of happy patrons basking in it.

Inside the feel is old-school New York steakhouse meets Irish pub complete with checkered tablecloths, oak floors and a tin ceiling.

Calamari paired with Mongolian fire sauce needs a few more pieces of squid to go with the price tag. And make sure to ask for the cilantro-lime mayo because it’s the best dip on the menu; they really should serve it with everything.

Next, a naturally raised 16oz bone-in veal loin chop is slightly disappointing arriving med-well,  even though ordered the steak med-rare –  one of my pet peeves.  The steak is served with 3 very tasty salads.

Lager-battered wild halibut with Yukon gold fries is served with a lemon dill tartar sauce.  The dish is tasty but the real star is the thickly cut, crunchy yet fluffy fries.

I can’t believe this eatery has been here for years, and I’ve walked by it many times, not giving it another thought.  The food is hit and miss, but the drinks are spot on.  However, the service, although quick and attentive, seemed perfunctory.   
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