Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken


Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken       647.748.1177    open daily


Named after their grandmother, Paulette’s dishes out chicken, donuts and coffee – in no particular order.   Garam masala donut dots are similar to those teeny, tiny yearly summertime exhibition treats.  Fancy donuts change daily, I tried a tasty, warm Mojito donut. A frozen  hot chocolate washes everything down nicely.

And the chicken, oh my goodness!  Utterly flawless; salty, crispy skin is battered in a light dusting of corn starch.   On the inside, moist seasoned meat is marinated in brine overnight with thyme, salt and other secret herbs.  Just one bite and you will see for yourself.

This eatery is halfway across the city but I would drive to the moon for this chicken.   I’m sorry Colonal but I’ve found a new lover… but make sure you eat the chicken piping hot, it loses it’s luster otherwise.  The only flaw is the coleslaw –  $4 for a small container is a little pricy and I’m not a fan of the dressing.
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