The Feasting Room

The Feasting Room       647.785.3557    closed tues & wed,  dinner  5pm to 8pm

It’s the feasting room between 5-8pm, and then transforms into orbit room in the evening.  Picture fine dining in a grungy club on butchers paper tablecloths – it seems to be all about extremes.  The menu is only revealed as the courses come out.  Each week a different animal is revealed and presented in 6 courses.

The house cocktail is a rye and ginger but like everything else they put their own spin on things, and it’s actually quite delicious with homemade candied ginger.

First up, a soft boiled duck egg with Halal egg bread –  served slightly singed.


The Amuse: a duck’s foot with cherry sauce and foie gras powder doesn’t sit well. The texture of the duck is a bit slimy and it was more than a bite, several actually.  The concept is interesting but the duck needed to be crispier.

First course: confit gizzard with greens,  creamy white and green asparagus, shallots and briny capers drizzled with a mustard vinaigrette, works nicely  together.

Second course: pan seared duck heart with Swiss chard, onions, garlic and thyme.  The bitter greens take over the dish, and it’s unbalanced with only two or three small pieces of tender duck. It doesn’t dazzle.

Third course:  confit duck leg Shawarma with water cress, tomato, garlic carrot Tabülè, duck skin, and cornichons in a garlic yogurt sauce.  This dish needs to be eaten in one bite, without the small morsel of duck skin it desperately needs seasoning. 

Fourth course: fried duck wing drummettes alongside triple cooked duck fat fries, blue cheese sauce, red, yellow, and purple carrots, and celery.  The duck wing and fries are superb; however, the blue cheese is way too thick, overpowering and extremely strong.  The fries would pair better with some house-made ketchup.

Fifth course:  roast duck breast, blueberry blintz, and sweet potato latkes with liver sauce.  Each element works well on its own but together falls flat.

Sixth course:  slow roasted bananas and foie gras ice cream with cinnamon and rum dulce de leche is the best dish of the night; sublime texture, sweet and savory dancing together in love in my mouth.

Overall the evening is full of hits and misses.  I give points for creativity; however, the execution wasn’t worth the price paid.
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