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The Grove     416.588.2299     tues-sat dinner only ,    closed Monday   

The restaurant emanates sexiness, and after a long walk along Dundas it’s a sight for sore eyes.  The room is lovely; tall ceilings, exposed brick and soft lighting sets the mood for a romantic dinner.  The cocktail menu has a variety of stylish beverages, like Jameson picklebacks (one shot Jameson, pickle juice chaser). The wine card is small but wisely chosen.  Servers are eager. 

An easy drinking Tequila Caesar is rimed with cumin, lemon rind and other curious spices.  And for beer drinkers a frosty Pabist Blue Ribbon is the hipster’s delight.

Bites are first up.  The portions seemed small but reflective of the price.  Mushrooms, poached egg and snails on toast are hit and miss.  The mushroom and snails are a tad rubbery, however, the sous vide egg on crisp toast is devilishly good.

Smoked  mackerel is subtle, blended with dill and other herbs into a beautiful pate, tasting more of the greens than the fish.

“Quo Vadis” is a smoky like-a-campfire eel sandwich with a hint of sweetness from the toasted bread, and I’m going for seconds on this one.

A couple of starters are up next.  Ocean trout is sublime.  Delicate creamy fish blends seamlessly with sweet cucumber.

Corn soup, potted shrimp, and summer savory are colourful with bright, lively flavours, and aromas of popcorn.   

Time for the main course:  cured, braised pork belly, shrimp, and fresh peas; the flavours wrap around your senses like sweet love.  The pork tastes like smoky cedar chips, and the shrimps are so crisp one can  even eat the tail.

A lighter spin on English cuisine. Contemporary English dishes, so good, not a bite is left on any plate. 
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