The Harbord Room

The Harbord Room        416.962.8989       open for dinner  Mon-Sun

I am finally here, sitting on a beautiful patio, enjoying the summer weather, and excited to try the burger.   I’ve heard it’s one of the city’s best and I’m here to see if its really true.  The entire restaurant makes one feel at home, the patio feels likes a friend’s backyard. Even though it’s a tad on the expensive side,  the atmosphere is very welcoming.  On the ball service keeps the evening flowing.

The cocktail to start the evening out has to be the Ronald Clayton.  Smoky like a campfire, sweet like vanilla cream, together it’s like candy – I could drink it all night. 

The Ontario whitefish ceviche is delicate yet textured, the corn nuts add a nice touch; I wish the portion size was larger.  If one loves to pick away at a dish then Quebec blue cheese, savory olives, and Ontario Cheddar with wildflower honey is a tasty way the laze the evening away.

 And finally the naturally raised beef burger with sharp cheddar and caramelized onions on an egg bun –  it’s moist with the right amount of colour – that being said, I have still tasted a better burger Toronto.  I found the mustard to be out of place and the bun slightly dry.  I give high marks to the patty, but low marks for the toppings. 

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