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With a name like district one would never think – Japanese restaurant.   The décor is ultra modern – picture steel, brick and wood.  The atmosphere is cozy and warm.  A romantic lantern lined patio bordered with shrubs and flora is charming; and finding a sushi restaurant with a great patio is few and far between.

Tuna tartar with green onion, fresh avocado and crispy yam chips arrives first.  This dish is tasty but isn’t a standout.

 Sea salted Edamame is flawless,  firm and vibrant. 

Hiyashi wakame salad is crunchy, lightly dressed, however, seems run of the mill. 

Tempura sweet potato wedges with mayo taste like sweet morsels of holiday goodness, lightly coated and browned.

Spicy roll (salmon, tuna, crunchy bits, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, spicy mayo)  and Black Dragon (kani, cucumber, avocado, eel, and tobiko ) are both heavy and dense.  I don’t feel rolls are this restaurants strong suit.

Overall the food is average, but the space is beautiful and worth a visit. 
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