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The room is cozy and reminds me very much of the Fat Duck Restaurant in Berkshire, UK.  Service is superb and the lighting, romantic.  It’s a perfect first date place.

Mussels in escabeche with corn, Huitlacoche sauce, house chorizo, and sea asparagus inspire cravings – the mussels are plump and subtle.  This dish is outstanding.

Roasted Muscovy duck breast, with summer squash, fresh lobster mushrooms and garlic jus is creamy and nostalgic – an updated version of a classic European dish.

Smoked velvety veal tongue, silky beef tartare, and a crunchy green bean salad is spot on.  So good, you won’t believe its tongue.

Veal sweetbreads and caramelized onions melt on the palate.  This dish reminds me of a liver and onions, however, this version is lighter and wondrously tender.  Additionally, the dish is elevated by a vinegary fricassee salad.

A last minute order of wild mushrooms is the only misstep.   They Saskatchewan chanterelles are chewy and taste as thought they have been rehydrated.  

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