Lafayette Bistro

Lafayette Bistro        647.351.0803          closed Sun-Mon

Jean-Pierre Boué’s restaurant feels as though plucked from the streets of Paris and nestled onto Queen West.  The patio is whimsical and hidden at the back of the restaurant. The menu is small.  A daily price-fix menu is written on a blackboard which includes a choice of an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert.

Not being a dessert person I opt for a French baguette sandwich “pate de champagne” with French pickles for $12.  The pate is made in house and is lovely.  The rustic texture has a peppery gamey taste to it.

Bread made offsite is baked in house and served warm with butter.

Wines are French, I decided on the house red which is a Pinot Noir from Languedoc $8.50.

The cheese plate is consists of a creamy brie from Québec, Saint André from France,  an ashy goat cheese from Valencay France and one from Québec,  and a creamy blue from Roquefort Papillion.

Service moves along at a slower pace as it does in many European countries.  Food should be enjoyed not gobbled down.  I found, however, due to the patios small size one can easily smell cigarette smoke.
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