The Oxley Public House

The Oxley     647.348.1300    open for lunch & dinner daily

One of the latest additions to the Yorkville scene is the Oxley Public House.  People watching at its finest on the street side patio,  or catching up with friends on their secluded back patio.  The menu is loaded with classic British dishes, so many it’s had to choose. 

Arriving first a cold scotch egg; soft boiled and wrapped in tasty sausage meat,  would have been  a heck of a lot better if it was served warm. 

Next garlicky game and foie gras terrine arrives wrapped in bacon paired with a wild and savory sweet prune plum chutney.  The only disappointment is the fleck of foie gras in the centre of the terrine – I almost forgot it was supposed to be in the dish.

Raspberry Point oysters from P.E.I are pre-sprinkled with mignonette – thus  a letdown.  Rule number one: do not pre-season freshly shucked oysters!

And finally the red snapper and mussel soup was an interesting idea but not well executed; the dish lacks seasoning and substance.

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