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The romantic looking patio is lit with candles and Christmas lights.  Most of the menu is made in house using local and sustainable ingredients.  Servers are a delight

First up housemade pickled beets, cauliflower, balsamic blueberries and an Indian style eggplant that’s big flavoured and aromatic.

Comfort food at its best, golden morsels of fried gnocchi topped with oxtail cheek, cheese curds, and Crème fraîche create the ultimate poutine.  This dish reminds me of “paluszki”, a Polish dish I grew up on, simply superb.

Albacore tuna ceviche tostadas topped with daikon slaw, and a peppery chermoula aioli taste fresh and lively balancing evenly on the palate.

Ultra thinly sliced pickles served hot from the fryer with ranch dip are fantastic!   I’m a fried pickle connoisseur and these are the best I’ve had in a long time.

 Tiny delicate Manila clams packed full of smoky flavour are tossed with, chorizo, romesco and has a sultry undertone of sherry.

Last but not least;  a rich, sweetly coated pork hock is sublime topped with  creamy burrata, Thai basil and cool heirloom tomatoes.

Chocolate pecan pie with maple ice cream is delicious, delicate and sinful, finishing the night off right.

The menu is innovative, unpredictable and exciting.  It’s a standout gem of a restaurant! Every dish is different and delectable.
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