Sansotei       647.748.3833     closed Sundays  

Satisfying soups are the main attraction at this tiny, sparsely decorated shop on Dundas Street just west of University.  With a lineup out the door its best to get there early and avoid the lunch rush.  Servers are bubbly and pleasant.  The drink menu is limited, only two beers are listed.  However, the price is right.

Tonkotsu ramen is a standout flaunting a rich, creamy broth and paper-thin slices of pork belly.  The miso ramen has more of a sweet sour broth, not what you normally find at your local sushi spot.  

Gyoza seared one sideis stuffed with garlicky pork and spices.  I am told zangi (deep fried chicken) is sold out and its only 2:07pm on a Monday, so an order of chashu don will have to do.  And do, it does; buttery tender pork served with a soft boiled egg, green onion, rice and pickled ginger.

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    P.S I wish I read this blog post before! I went here on Sunday and I was disappointed to find out that it was closed.

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