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The Chickery       647.347.2222    lunch & dinner closed Sunday

The music gets louder and louder as I approach David Adjey’s newest venture, The Chickery,  pumping out a ridiculously hip musical set.   Outside a simple corner patio overlooks the busy Spadina sidewalk.  The interior is cool and functional with high-tops and commissary chairs, built not really for lounging but for fast food.

 The menu consists of chicken sandwiches, salads, chicken fingers and roasted chickens.  A whole chicken with two sides and a dipping sauce for $24, perfect for an afternoon lunch with a few friends.  The chicken is pre-cut into four pieces,  and if you want it left whole (like I do) call a few hours in advance so they can have one ready when you arrive.  A little irritated I go with the flow.   For my sides I chose a freshly made (right in front of me) Chickery Slaw and a Potato Salad, along with Adjey’s House gravy and Buttermilk Ranch dip.  All packed up and ready to go I grab my chicken and head out the door.  Another little annoying thing is they put the gravy in this tiny coffee sampling cup that is impossible to transport, it spilled three times in the bag.

After all that I’m finally home and ready to see if the chicken can make up for the less-than-perfect experience.  The chicken skin lacks seasoning, however, is cooked perfectly throughout.  The house gravy is intensely flavourful and aromatic.  And the buttermilk ranch is tangy and sweet.  The Chickery slaw is vibrantly coloured, well balanced and seasoned – one of the best I’ve had in a while.  Creamy potato salad zings with grainy mustard, crunchy pickles combining with dill and mini red potatoes for a crowd-pleasing delight. 

The verdict: I would definitely come back again and try the chicken fingers and a few other menu items.
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