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Toronto’s waterfront scene has been home to Toula restaurant for 11 years.   Through this time four chefs have passed through the kitchen, but the menu is still in need of updating.  The atmosphere is typical to that of a hotel restaurant, and so matches the high priced food menu.

Wilted veggies and onion dip with bread arrive first; glutinous and tasting as though they forgot to bake it all the way through.  The aromas of old fish invade my nostrils – why was I dining here again?

Toula’s tuna tartar “crudo veneziano” ($19) is first to arrive.  Butchered, unseasoned tuna is served with poached eggs sitting on a cold half baked bun and a bitter olive oil dressed mixed green salad.  Carnarolli wild mushroom and porcini risotto ($21) wasn’t half bad until I crunched down on a few raw onion bits.  The dish failed, definitely a D-.  Scallops seared with thyme and “chardonnay essence” ($22) are tough and rubbery, the outside is so singed it was almost crunchy.

I did not expect much coming to this restaurant other than a great view and good service, but what I got was very disappointing.  If you have decided to stay in the adjoining hotel  I would strongly recommend eating elsewhere.  Drinks yes, food no.
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