A night with Herve Birnie-Scott and iYellow at Jacob & Co. Steakhouse

A night with Herve Birnie-Scott and iYellow Wine Club at Jacob & Co. Steakhouse

Another event with iyelllow wine club brings me to Jacob Steakhouse with Terrazas de los Andes  winery and estate director Herve Birnie – Scott.  Tonight Herve begins by explaining the magic behind his winemaking. The winery is located in Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza at 2600 feet above sea level.  Unique in the world of winemaking, elevation, rather than proximity to sea, moderates Argentine vineyard climate.    I also discovered that grapes are not cultivated by seed, but by taking a stalk of the plant itself and planting it in the ground.   So here among friends and new acquaintances we will taste the fruits of their labour.

The first course brings together a complex Terrazas Torrontes Reserve 2011, and Caribou Inlet oysters Rockefeller.  The wine is alluring with floral notes of rose, passion fruit, and spicy ginger.

The next course brings hand harvested Terrazas Chardonnay Reserve 2011, full of aromas of peach and apricot balances acidity and a natural sweetness with a buttery finish.  A garlicky Caeser salad rounds out the wine nicely with parmigiano, crunchy bread crumbs, and Spanish white anchovies.

The third course brings a long legged deep red Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2010 together with a dry aged buttery USDA Prime Bone-In steak – it was my favorite pairing of the evening.

Finally,  the chocolaty Malbec Reserve 2010 with notes of cherry and plum, in perfect union with Belavitano Balsamic cheese.  This was by far the best pairing of the evening, hitting every note like it was written in a song.

The evening really was a hit. I have a new vice with Terrazas wines – can’t wait till I can grab a few bottles for myself.


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