Glas Wine Bar

Glas Wine Bar        647.351.4527      dinner tues-sat, closed sun-mon

Chef Danny Pantano’s Italian bistro is a slice of heaven.  Yes, it’s tiny but tiny is good and intimate.  Pantano having just opened his tiny 20-seat bistro shows off his passion for locally sourced food and drink with a small but lovingly chosen menu.  The room is stark and homey at the same time.  Maybe it’s the chatter of fellow diners or maybe it’s the nostalgic aromas that fill the room. 

Tonight we decide on addictively sweet and savory mixed nuts with a hint of spice – I couldn’t eat just one.  And crostini saturated in whipped, cured pork fat and topped with marinated red onions and herbs are fantastic.  On my next visit I must try the risotto; I hear it’s the best in the city.

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