Grand opening weekend at Spirithouse…

Grand opening weekend at Spirithouse…

I was invited to the first night of the grand opening weekend at Spirithouse.  Founded by Len Fragomeni, this “spirit’ bar has the largest selection of bottles in the city.  The bartender’s meticulous attention to  detail for making the perfect cocktail is commendable.  The 400 bottle bar seems to steal the show until you try the outstanding food.  A part of me wants to keep Spirithouse a secret but then again, I think the people need to know.

First up is a mini burger brushed with bourbon topped with crisp lettuce and juicy tomato.  Next, cucumber dill mignonette enhances a freshly shucked Pickle Point oyster.  Barrel-aged Sazerac made from Makers 46 Bourbon whisky tastes like sweet candy on the palate.  Deep fried cheese curds are creamy and weightless with a smoky bacon jam. 

And then there was the apple caramel beignet, wow –   it’s like the best donut you’ve ever had served fresh out of the oven.

Cocktails of the evening include the “Spirithouse” cocktail, pairing Beefeater Gin with herbal notes, and the Old Fashion made with Bullet Bourbon, Gomme syrup, and aromatic bitters – classically strong but smooth.  Capping off the evening is a special edition of Glenfiddich, breathtakingly strong and complex.

 The kitchen is tiny but the food is tasty. The night is a success and cemented your my love for the place. 
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