Hush Restaurant, Bar & Patio

Hush      416.979.9799    open closed Mondays

Amid the strip of touristy King Street, this two year old restaurant is almost a relic.  Normally I try and stay away from the south side of the street, but I had heard good things about his spot.  For starters they have a rooftop patio and wine suggestions with delightful descriptions for the entrees.   On the downside the menu is rather large which scares me a little.  How can you make all 50 items the best they can be? 

To start, red wine sangria with pomegranate liqueur, Tropicana pure orange juice and 7up. And for $26 a carafe I expected more wine than juice.  Warm gulf shrimp and lobster in a creamy spinach dip, along with green onions, pico de gallo, toasted bread and salty freshly made wonton wrappers ($14). The wonton wrappers are so additively good I ordered an extra side and some to go!!!!!   The naturally raised freshly ground short rib and brisket burger is seasoned with Hush’s signature spices and served with fresh cut Yukon gold fries ($12.50).  The patty is thin and dry (How you can dry out prime rib brisket?), and the fries taste like they’ve been through the fryer a few times. 

My opinion stays away from the entrees and stick to the appetizers.  The resto is definitely a summer spot.  And if you If you decide to come in the winter make sure to get a spot by eh window overlooking busy street.  Servers are aloof.
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