Richmond Station

Richmond Station     647.748.1444    Mon to Fri lunch & dinner, Sat dinner only, closed Sun

The ceiling is high,  the décor is modern,  and space is narrow.  It doesn’t look like a train station, but for some reason I get the feeling I’m in one.  Top Chef Canada winner Carl Heinrich opened a 3,000-square-foot farm-to-table restaurant in the heart of the Entertainment District.  The cuisine is rustic yet modern, using locally sourced ingredients.  The wine list is carefully chosen.  My favorite is a red berry rich 2009 Zinfandel Edemades from Mendocino County.  Most bottles are under $100 which is really nice; however, wines by the glass start at $10 and go up to $16 for a 6oz pour, which seemed a tad pricey.

A flawless beef tartare arrives first, plated with smoky hickory sticks, sliced haricot and a fried egg adding a creative texture to the dish but I would rather have a larger serving of the raw protein.  Today’s Oyster special is La Meque Vert from New Brunswick,  having a similar flavour to your common Malpeque and at $3.50 a piece (the restaurant’s fixed price for oysters ) satisfies more of a craving than a delight.   Polenta fries layered like blocks of Jenga over a spicy “bomba” mayonnaise and housemade marinara are a standout; crunchy outside, with a gorgeous grainy interior.


Quinoa with zucchini, radish, sunflower seeds, and red wine vinaigrette combine for an amazing salad.  Not only is it good for you but the flavour is incredible.  A last minute order of trout gravlox with daikon radish, dill and red onion is a bit of a letdown, not what I was expecting.  The trout seemed a bit briny and the ingredients felt waxy together on the palate.  Lamb presented 2-ways with German butterball potatoes, broccoli and caramelized onions is a winner.  Buttery salt crusted tenderloin layered over fatty brisket is delectable.

In my honest opinion the food is okay, but the prices seemed a bit high.  One tip: make sure you ask the hostess to seat you in the room up the stairs around the corner where the view is much better.
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