Vinny Massimo’s Pizza & Pasta

Vinnie Massimo’s     416.967.0527      open daily 11am-late

I have been meaning to try this Vinnie Massimo’s pizza and pasta for quite some time.  Last night I even had a dream about this place – so I think today is the day .  A few months ago I attempted to grab a slice and despite the open door, it appeared no one was working, even when I called out “Hallo, is anyone here?” I was met by silence.  The room itself is in desperate need of a makeover: cracked, weathered walls, and fridges with cardboard covered windows.  On my second visit I was a bit luckier – a man behind the counter – jackpot!  I focus my eyes on a slice of Vinnie’s deluxe pizza and a Caesar salad.  The slice was lukewarm and tasted like day old rubbery pizza.  The salad was made fresh, however, the dressing (which was supposed to be homemade) tasted like old cheese.  And where are my promised oven-baked housemade croutons Vinnie?   

The verdict: I don’t know what all the fuss is about.  I say skip it and head over to the orange pizza chain next door.
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