Asian Legend

Asian legend           416.977.3909    open daily  

Of all of the Chinese spots on this strip, Asian Legend is one of the best.  Authentic dishes in a modern looking space.  Steamed soup filled dumplings with pork explode slowly warming my throat with savory delight.   Hot and sour soup with chicken is exceptional; the thickness of broth and crunchy vegetables create a delightful texture.  The house chicken half is a little dry but very crunchy with brittle, crispy skin – a dip would hit the spot.  

Taiwanese street style deep fried tofu with garlic sauce is moist on the inside and crisp on the outside – a  must if one loves tofu.  Kung Pao shrimp is sweet and garlicky, but not very spicy.  I ordered a white gourd drink with honey that tastes like captain crunch cereal – yum!

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