JaBistro        647.748.0222    closed Mondays, lunch starts in Jan 2013     http://www.jabistro.com/

Modern yet warm, exposed brick defines the narrow restaurant.  The menu can be no better described than modern Japanese.  The menu is small, focusing on fresh simple ingredients.  Even the drink menu is innovative with cocktails like Wicked Jade (plum wine, Cointreau, matcha syrup, cinnamon and sencha; think hot apple cider with sake = yum.  The excellent sake menu is paired with an equally healthy wine menu,  atypical of Japanese eateries. 

First up is Carpaccio and today’s special is fresh ocean trout ($14), it’s my favorite and hard to find in Toronto’s sushi scene.  Drizzled with olive oil, topped with thinly sliced red, yellow, and green pepper and red onion with a dash of rice vinegar and fresh ground pepper makes this dish heavenly.  The daily snack is pork belly ssam with thick starchy sauce served with mushroom shoots and green onion centered on crisp lettuce ($7).  Served cold this dish has an earthy sweetness to it –  not to mention the amazing texture.  The nights highlight is the JaBistroll (salmon, snow crab, uni, cucumber, tobiko), packed with unbelievable flavour and creamy texture.  The roll is topped with a secret special mayo that caramelizes under a blowtorch and melts in your mouth –  one of the best rolls in the city – the only downfall is the $22 price tag.  Finishing the night with a surprise: a sultry molten chocolate cube.   

JaBistro is wonderful and tasty and a must for sushi lovers who have been to it all in Toronto.
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